End of year Road Trip -Part 2 {Umpqua National Forest}

After leaving the Sierras in California, I continued north to Reno where I visited my Dad for a few days. Then I had a decision to make….either head back home or keep going north to Oregon. Well Oregon is always a no-brainer so I packed up the car and set the GPS to Bend! After a few days of enjoying one of my favorite cities, I decided to head south on New Years Eve. Over the summer, I had attempted to explore some of the waterfalls in the Umpqua River Basin in southern Oregon with one of my best friends. We didn’t quite make it, though, due to intense fire activity and road closures. So this time I was determined to see some of the falls I missed out on. It was a perfect afternoon to shoot, with overcast skies and some fresh snow contrasting with the forests deep emerald green.

There are many waterfalls within the Umpqua forest, but I decided to explore just a few. I started off exploring Clearwater Falls, then headed on to the massive Watson Falls. Lastly, I made the trek down to Toketee Falls, which is definitely one of the most stunning waterfalls I have ever seen! You have to use some makeshift ropes to repel down the muddy cliff to reach the base off the falls, so it is definitely not for the faint of heart. For most, the viewing platform above the falls is plenty picturesque.  I definitely can’t wait to return to this area soon and explore more of the gems. Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

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