Oregon Coast

I’ve taken many road trips from California to Oregon, but i’ve always stayed toward the middle of Oregon, seeking mountain vistas and fresh powder. The Oregon Coast has always intrigued me and it has been a place that i’ve wanted to explore more in depth for a long time, but just haven’t made it happen.

With plans to be in Bend for a week-long snowboarding trip, I decided to detour of the 5 freeway and cut over to the Northern California coast and slowly make my way north from there. I’m so glad I did! Exploring the sleepy coastal towns along the rugged coastline was refreshing! I started in Crescent and made my way north, tasting local brews at various breweries and pulling off at every scenic view sign I came across.

I eventually made it to my main destination, Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor. The various parks there were mostly empty mid-week in February, and the weather was stunning! I know it can be rare to have a calm, sunny day at the Oregon Coast so I thoroughly enjoyed the warm sun and rugged coast. The geography was spectacular, with jaw dropping cliffs hanging over the deep, cold pacific. Waves crashed into the rocks with thunderous claps, shooting water high into the air. I didn’t really take many photos and just tried to enjoy the area and serenity.

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