Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

I’ve seen lunar eclipses. I’ve seen blood moons. I’ve seen blue moons. I’ve seen super moons. But all of them at the same time?! I first heard about this rare, 150 year event just a few days prior to it happening (the last one occurred in 1866!). For some reason I wasn’t that eager to shoot it, probably because it would be taking place at around 5am on a weeknight. I love sleep way too much! I was actually on my way to a concert when a friend texted me, asking where I would be shooting it and if she and her husband can come a long and watch. I knew I would be out late, but I knew I had to make an effort to get a few photos of this rare event (I was secretly hoping it would be overcast so I could sleep in).

When my alarm jolted me awake at 5am, it had felt like I had only taken a brief nap. But I packed up my car with my gear and headed north to Dana Point to get a good perspective of the lunar spectacle. Thankfully my friends brought coffee along and we watched the moon drift across the night sky as a blood red orb. Thanks to the PhotoPills app, I knew the moon would be setting into the Pacific just as the sun would come up.  I used my Sigma 150-600 on a tripod to get as close to the moon as I could. I’m glad I got up to see this beautiful event! Here are a few frames from the morning:

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