Oregon Portrait Session

As my friend Brooke neared her graduation, I joked that only I would be the one to take her senior photos. I have always loved shooting senior sessions and they are a nice break from the stressful weddings I typically am shooting. As summer neared, I had plans to head to Oregon for the big eclipse and I reached out to Brooke to shoot some pics. She is by far the easiest person I have ever photographed, and her natural beauty shines as bright as her inner beauty.

I had a plan for us to hit the many waterfalls in the Umpqua forest in Southern Oregon, but the intense summer wildfires forced us to change our plans on the go. Thankfully, just before the main road closure from the fires, we were able to turn down a dirt road that leads to one of the waterfalls I was planning on shooting, Lemolo Falls. It was my first time exploring the area and it was absolutely stunning! We got as close to the falls as possible without the mist completely drenching us and we started shooting away. Brookes personality always shines through in her pictures and she just radiates her happiness with the biggest, most contagious smile.

After shooting at the falls, we headed to Crater Lake to photograph in one of Oregon’s most beautiful locations. The smoke was so thick that we couldn’t even see the water! It was saddening to have this incredible natural wonder be masked by this thick smoke, but it added an interesting and unique atmosphere that we were able to work with and get some great photos.


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